Top 10 Best Floor Jack of 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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A floor jack is a crucial tool for repairing cars and other four-wheelers. High-quality floor jacks are not only required in automobile workshops but must also be a part of the tool kit of private vehicles. This is because your car can undergo a variety of problems such as flat tyre at places where no help is at hand. Thus, a floor jack becomes essential to either replace the tyre or carry out some other repairs underneath the car.

Floor jack lifts a part of the vehicle so that you or the mechanic can carry out repairs under the car. Floor jacks, like all other kinds of jacks, use force to lift heavy objects. Mechanical advantage is exploited by floor jack to ensure that weighty objects are raised with little effort on your side.

Types of floor jacks

  • Scissors floor jack requires little effort at one end to lift the car at the lifting point. The contact point of the jack fits with the jack point of the vehicle to lift it. Scissor floor jacks also come in electricity operated models apart from conventional hand-operated ones. Electricity operated scissor jacks use car battery power for lifting.
  • Hydraulic floor jack lifts the vehicle faster as compared to the scissors floor jack. This type of floor jack has a handle which needs to be pumped to generate hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic pressure generated by the jack easily lifts the heavy vehicle. The load capacity of hydraulic floor jack is more than scissors floor jack.

Benefits of floor jacks

  • Floor jacks provide high lifting power with minimum efforts to raise the vehicle off the ground.
  • Floor jacks sit close to the ground so that it can be moved underneath the car quickly. The floor jack can be manipulated easily even when the space under the car is minimal due to low-lying chassis.
  • Floor jacks are equipped with caster wheels. This feature makes them easy to move around and position under cars.
  • Floor jacks are made of heavy-duty aluminium or steel which ensures safety during repair works and high durability.

The top ten best floor jacks that are currently available in the market have been discussed here.

List of Top 10 Best floor jack In 2019

1. ARCAN XL2T Floor Jack

ARCAN XL2T Floor Jack

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ARCAN XL2T is a highly sturdy floor jack made of steel. This floor jack is built very low to the ground which makes it suitable for vehicles with very low ground clearance. It has a dual pump which enables rapid lifting of heavy vehicles. The floor jack uses a universal joint release mechanism to provide accurate control of the lifting operation. The weight is high, but the presence of wheels makes it simple to carry around. Other features of the floor jack are as follows.

  • Lifting height ranges between 2.75 inches to 24 inches.
  • The maximum load capacity is 2 ton.
  • Compact design with 32 inches chassis.

2. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Floor Jack

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Floor Jack

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Torin Big Red is a heavy-duty hydraulic floor jack highly suited for lifting SUVs and trucks. Solid construction makes it highly durable and sturdy. It has an extra-long neck which facilitates easy lifting of large vehicles. The jack is equipped with 360-degree swivel caster wheels which makes it easy to move around and position under the vehicles. Even though this floor jack is tailor-made for heavy cars, it can also be used for lighter cars for better safety. Other essential features of the floor jack are as follows.

  • The maximum lifting capacity is as high as 3 ton.
  • Lifting height ranges between 5-7/8 inches and 17-1/4 inches.
  • Weight is 43.9 pounds.

3. Hein-Werner HW93642 Hydraulic Floor Jack

Hein-Werner HW93642 Hydraulic Floor Jack

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Hein-Werner HW93642 is a hydraulic floor jack suitable for both household and commercial needs. The lift arm and pump base are made of cast iron which makes them score high on strength. Wide frame and flagged side plates impart high stability to the floor jack. U-joint enables precise load control. It also features a sealed hydraulic pump. The floor jack is rigid in construction with weight below 100 lbs. Other main features of the jack are as follows.

  • Maximum load capacity is 2 ton.
  • Lifting height ranges between 4.5 inches and 20.25 inches.
  • Made in the United States of America.

4. Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack

Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack

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Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack is a blend of light and durable materials. The frame of the jack is made of lightweight aluminium while the lift arm is made of heavy-duty steel. Aluminium frame reduces the weight of the jack while steel imparts strength and durability to the lifting arm. The hydraulic system rapidly lifts the vehicle while a safety valve protects against overloading. Rubber has been used to cushion the saddle of the jack to give protection to the vehicle frame. Other features of the jack are as follows.

  • Maximum lifting capacity is 3 ton.
  • Lifting height ranges between 4 inches and 18-1/4 inches.
  • Rear wheels are of a swivelling design to enable easy positioning.

5. OTC 1533 Floor Jack

OTC 1533 Floor Jack

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OTC 1533 Floor Jack is made entirely of aluminium. It is made close to the ground measuring just 3-1/2 inches. Thus, it is suitable for racing cars with chassis almost touching the ground. This floor jack has two pump pistons which enable it to reach the maximum lifting height of 18 inches in just five pumps. Aluminium construction makes it very light in weight which, in turn, allows easy moving. Other features of the jack are as follows.

  • The maximum lifting capacity is 2 ton.
  • Comes with two jack stands with each stand having a capacity of 2 ton and a maximum lifting height of 10-1/4 to 15-1/4 inches.
  • The saddle has a removable rubber pad which protects the vehicles and prevents slipping.

6. Powerbuilt 620479E Floor Jack

Powerbuilt 620479E Floor Jack


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Powerbuilt 620479E is an extra-low profile floor jack for vehicles. It can easily slide under vehicles with low ground clearance as low as 2.75 inches. Thus, it is highly suited for classic and modified cars with very low ground clearance. It is also appropriate for vehicles with unibody construction. The jack features a steel safety bar which moves under the lift arm to secure the jack in the highest lift position. Other features of the jack are as follows.

  • Maximum lifting capacity is 2 ton.
  • Maximum lifting height achieved is 15.5 inches.
  • Weight is 60 pounds.

7. Performance Tool W1627 Floor Jack

Performance Tool W1627 Floor Jack

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Performance Tool W1627 is a powerful floor jack suitable for cars and light trucks. The maximum load capacity is an impressive 3.5 ton with lifting height ranging between 4 inches and 20.5 inches. Safety is assured by the overload protection bypass valve which prevents overloading. The jack has a dual pump feature which enables swift lifting. The frame is extra-long for better stability while low profile design allows it to get under even low ground clearance vehicles. Other main features of the jack have been listed here.

  • The frame is made of durable flanged steel for good strength.
  • The saddle is padded with rubber for protecting the vehicle.
  • Swivel caster wheels help in movement and positioning.

8. Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack

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Pro-Lift F-767 is an extra-low profile floor jack which can easily slide under low ground clearance vehicles. The jack is constructed of heavy-duty steel which makes it a robust floor jack. Despite steel construction, the weight is just 30 pounds. The jack features a patented bypass device which prevents over-pumping, thereby ensuring safe operations. Other main features of the jack are as follows.

  • The maximum load capacity is 2 ton.
  • The lifting height ranges between 3.5 inches and 14 inches.
  • A built-in safety valve provides overload protection.

9. Sunex Tools 6602ASJ Floor Jack

Sunex Tools 6602ASJ Floor Jack

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Sunex Tools 6602ASJ is a lightweight floor jack constructed of aluminium. The weight is just 50lbs. The maximum lifting height of the jack is 19.3 inches which are reached by pumping the lever 7 and a half times. The jack features a reinforced lift arm and thick frame side plates to improve strength, durability and torsion control. The maximum load capacity of the jack is 2 ton. Other features of the jack are as follows.

  • Side-mounted handles which help in positioning the jack.
  • Foam bumper pad and rubber padded saddle protect the vehicle.
  • Wide track wheels.

10. Neiko Pro 20272B Floor Jack

Neiko Pro 20272B Floor Jack

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Neiko Pro 20272B floor jack is made of industrial-grade aluminium alloy which makes it highly durable. It has an ultra-lightweight design. The profile of the jack is low enough to enable it to get under any vehicle. The maximum lifting capacity of the jack is 3 ton. Dual plunger structure of the jack enables it to lift vehicles swiftly. The minimum lifting height is 3.75 inches and the maximum lifting height is 19.25 inches. Other main features are as follows.

  • Safety valve to prevent overloading.
  • Swivel rear caster wheels for easy positioning.
  • Rubber saddle pad to protect the vehicle against scratches and dents.

How To Choose The Best Floor Jack?

Choosing your first floor-jack may seem like the big task and a wrong selection can make you waste the money on a product which can’t help. As there is plenty of manufacturer and number of designs, it is important to have a basic knowledge of all the factors. Such things will help to eradicate all the major issues and go well. Let’s begin by focusing on top factors to eradicate the trouble and choosing the perfect product as per your need –

Lifting Capacity Matters a lot

As most of the jack are reliable to pick up an SUV car and such other category vehicle, you should think carefully about the capacity. If someone wants to use the Floor jack on a truck or too heavy vehicles then you should go for floor jack with 3 tons of capacity. Having more capacity will help to make the task easier and never facing any issue. The capacity varies as per the mechanism or design that’s why you should prefer a hydraulic one due to better reliability.

Consider the Type First

There are three types of jacks available in the market. Each one has a different mechanism to lift the weight and you can find them helpful in term of lifting cars and SUV. But, when it comes to too heavy vehicles like truck or bus, you should stay selective to eradicate this issue.

  • Hydraulic Floor Jack – With the instant lifting and higher efficiency of hydraulics, this one becomes common among all mechanics and you can find it reliable in most of the cases to fulfil the need.
  • Scissor mechanism Jack – Most of the car manufacturer provides scissor jack with the car. These are cheap, work efficiently for small vehicles and you can carry heavy weight with these also. The lifting capacity is slightly low because these are made for emergency use, not for mechanics.
  • Bottle Jack / Piston Jack– Almost similar to a floor jack, these are also hydraulically operated. concentric cylinders are behind the design which helps you carry the weight and get rid of all the issues.

After considering the capacity, and all their type, you should look after the built quality because poor one can cause issue during the use. If someone will be working under the car with the use of a floor jack then it is necessary that you must be relying on that floor jack also.


Floor jacks come in a plethora of load capacities, lifting heights, sizes, construction, and other features. Weight rating or the maximum load capacity of the jack is an important consideration during selection. The material is also an important consideration.

Heavy-duty floor jacks made of steel are very sturdy but heavy. Aluminium floor jacks are light in weight but more expensive. You must also decide the type of floor jack you require according to your needs.1

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